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1.What is an Electric Fence?
An electric fence system consists of electric wires carrying high voltage electric pulses that provide a non-lethal repulse shock to

About Lanstar

Shenzhen Lanstar Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing electric security fence systems integrating R&D, production, sale and marketing. Lanstar persistently follows the principle of "do everything with heart". tries every effort to make users satisfied.



Security electirc fence energizer

Model : LX-2008SE
Output peak voltage: 5KV~10KV
Output low voltage: 700~1000V
Pulse interval time: 1s
Max energy of pulse: ≤5.0J
Consumption : 10 w

Livestock fence energizer

Model: LX-polar S2
1.All-purpose,mains or 12V battery,solar power energizer
2.Stored Joules:2.7J
3.The output voltage 12KV
4.Day/night sensor the pulse condition
5.confirm to international electic fen

  • Keypad

    Control the energizer
    Voltage switch

  • Warning signs

    Double sides, Common or luminated, 10 m/piece

  • Alloy wire

    Dia. 1.8/2.0/2.5mm
    Aluminum alloy wire

  • Pull-rod-insulator

    Hold the wire
    Insulated voltage:15 kv
    Corrosion resistance

  • Ring Insulator

    For Twine Wire
    Tapping screw
    Bolt screw

  • Polywire

    White\yellow\green etc.
    Length/roll: 200-500m

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