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LX-6110 Small energy output farm energizer

Release time:2015-05-19

LX-61 series energy controller is easy to use, functional, can effectively help users to manage animal enclosed area, compared with the traditional fence, it has obvious advantages, to help users save considerable costs.

Technical parameters:
1. Input voltage: 12VDC;
2. Output voltage: 12kV ± 500V;
3. Working Current: 95mA-350mA;
4. The pulse duration: 1.2s;
5. The power adapter can be adapted to the voltage range 110VAC ~ 240VAC;
6. waterproof, dustproof design;
7. Load Distance: 1200m-10,000m;
8. stored energy: 1.2J;
9. Maximum output energy: 1.0J;
10. Suitable temperature: -25 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃
11. Relative humidity: 90% 

Application areas: pastures, woodlands, grasslands, farms, fruit and vegetable garden;