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LX-Polar II 2Joules LCD Livestock energizer

Release time:2015-05-19


Product Information: Product Model: LX-Polar II 

Technical specification:
1)Input voltage: 12 V DC;
2)Output voltage: 12 kv:
3)Pulse width: 100 us ( 1/10000 second) ;
4)Switch to 1.5s or 2.5s mode freely;
5)Automatic switch between day mode and night mode:
6)Transformer change the range of voltage: 110-240 v ac;
7)Powered by lead-acid battery and solar panel;
8)Six operation mode;
9)Water-proof and anti-dust;
10)Working length: 200 m to 40,000 m;
11)Stored energy: 2.7 joules
12)Max output energy: 2.0 joules;
13)Consumption: 3.5 waltz;

Application Areas:Poultry,Forest,Vegetable and fruit planting center,Flower garden;Others;