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How to Repair an Electric Fence Energizer

Release time:2015-05-22

Electric fence energizer doesn’t last forever and you will need to have it repaired or replaced when it breaks down.

Since having the energizer replaced is easier and cost-effective than trying to repair it which is not time-effective, we tried to break it down easily for a person who is willing to take a challenge.

It’s fairly an easy job to do and with some very simple tools, is possible. Here are some simple steps to follow to replace your broken electric fence energizer.

Step 1 – Check with Voltmeter

It’s good to check the energizer first so that you do not waste money in buying a replacement energizer.

Turn off the energizer then disconnect the fence from the energizer.

Connect it to a voltmeter to see if it gets any readings.

If there is no reading, the problem could be a corroded terminal, AC circuit breaker, dead batteries or a blown input circuit fuse.

Step 2 – Check Fence Surroundings

Before assuming that your energizer unit had gone bad, walk about the length of the fence and check for trouble spots.

Any broken fence wire or branch that had fallen down in fence can  pose a problem to the defending system.

Troubled spots on the fence must be repaired first before attempting to replace the energizer.

Step 3 – Putting Safety First    

Always make sure that safety’s first by unplugging the source of electricity to your electric fence.

Also, disconnect the ground wires that feed into your controller box.

If something should happen and an electric current run back into the wires, you’ll be kept safe from being shocked.

Step 4 – Disconnect the Live Wire

Take your screwdriver and loosen live wire’s nuts from the mounting screw on the fence energizer unit.

Push away the wire from the hot bolt and put back the nut.

Step 5 – Replace Energizer Unit

Unscrew support or mount brackets from the fence or wall. Scrutinize the mounts for signs of wear such as rust and/or missing screws.

Now, take the new energizer unit and place back into the charger. Place brackets back on to secure energizer unit.

Step 6 – Reverse Process Installation

Doing the reverse of what was done previously, attach the live wire to the energizer unit, then attach the ground wire with the electricity still turned off.

Step 7 – Turn Fence Back On

Look out for any signs of electric surge or burnouts. Be sensitive to any flashes of electricity or flames that could spark with your peripheral vision.

Also, keep noses working to sniff out any burnt smell coming from the fence or the area around the fence.