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Questions and concerns people often ask for electric fence

Release time:2015-05-22
Will my cat be electrocuted?  
Cats are perceptive to the aurora of the electric fence. That means they can smell the magnetic field and hear the pulse, there-fore would not normally be shocked by it.

Will it kill my child?  
No, the pulse is intermittent. Should a child or for that matter an adult touch the fence the immediate reaction is to pull away.

What sort of a deterrent is it? 
An excellent deterrent. It is designed to keep unwanted people outside. Electerrfic have an amazing track record of very few fences being tampered with since starting in 1995.

Will my dog get hurt or electrocuted?  
Should the dog touch the fence, they would  not normally be badly harmed. If they touch-ed it they generally would not continue.

Can a criminal place something like a blanket or rubber matton top of it climb over? 
Due to the fence design using springs the wire will be shorted out when touching. This would cause an alarm to sound.

Is it possible to connect the fence to my rapid response company?  
Yes, most electric fences are connected to a rapid response company.

Is it necessary to connect to a rapid response company?  
It is not compulsary; however there is a distinct advantage in doing so.

What would happen if the wires were cut?  
Firstly it would be difficult to cut the live wire without been shocked and if this did happen the fence would immediately go to alarm when wired in series.

What sort of voltage is in the fence?  
The maximum voltage allowed by law is 10,000 volts. However it is the capacity of the energizer that gives the shock. The capacity is measured in joules not volts.

Will my monthly electricity account increase dramatically?  
No, an energizer uses very little power, for the average house it could be about R8.00 per month.

What happens should there be a power failure?  
Electerrific energizers have a battery backup and therefore will continue to work.

Do tree branches have an effect on the fence?  
It is advisable to keep these trimmed back, however a good energizer is not adversely effected.

Would I get a shock if touching the gate?  
Not if the fence is fitted by Electerrific.

Do I only switch on the fence when I go out, or at night time?  
No, the fence is to remain on day and night every day of the year.

What maintenance is required once installed?  
Primarily you would cut the tress and grass (if near the wires) every now and then to prevent the fence wires from arcing over when wet.