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2002  Lanstar company  was established and designed LX-2000 series intelligent high voltage pulse  anti-theft system, and passed the inspection of national  high pressure metering station.

2004  Lanstar company registered "Lanstar" Logo, as well as  LX-2000 series intelligent high voltage pulse anti-theft system passed the testing of ministry of public security administration of prisons, and became the specified promotion products.

2005  Lanstar company designed and developed the domestic first electric fence host, LX-M4 series electric fence  host and the whole set of accessories of the front-end perimeter.

2006  LX-2000series prison perimeter protection high voltage electric fence system successfully passed the ministry of public security administration of prisons  annual quality sampling inspection, and achieved the highly regards of related department.

2007  Lanstar company  designed and developed the reverse differential voltage technology, and produced the domestic first double zone electric fence host.

2008  Lanstar company firstly created the domestic first LCD display electric fence host to promote the electric fence industry technology innovation.


Lanstar company address removed  Shangxue technology industrial park, expanded production scale and determined  the production development route.

2009  LX-2008 series pulse electric fence system were input the  market,including LED/LCD/Single zone/Double zone/, passed the ministry of public security inspection  and achieved the CE certificate. 
Achieved China Ping an  insurance cover 4 million product liability insurance.
Passed ISO9001:2008 quality management certificate.
Determined the "people-oriented" enterprise development policy,fully implementing labor share-holding system.

2010  Designed LX-Polar series farm  dedicated electric fence host.
Company address removed Lijingcheng technology industrial ,expand production scale again,with annual output of ten thousand sets of main equipment production capacity.
Implementing labor share-holding system, the total ratio reaches 8.3%.

2011  Designed and developed  the prison high voltage electric fence system which conforms to the requirement of new international standard of GB25287-2010, and passed the ministry of public security administration related inspection.

Designed and developed  LX-2008E6/C6 six lines type electric fence host.
Shareholding system is implemented,labor share of total ratio  above 20%,employees and enterprise are common benefit.

2012  Designed and developed"aluminum  alloy  universal base", achieved  the national patent.

Designed and developed "composite terminal post insulator", with tightening wheel.


2014  Designed and developed"wireless communication pulse electric host".

Designed and developed "anti-cut alarm electric fence host"and achieved the national patent.

Designed and developed"self-locking middle/terminal post insulators" which don't need to use tools to fixing, it not only save time, but also save labour, efficiently prevent manicious diassembling.


2015  Through 4 years constantly efforts, Lanstar input 4 millions on the R&D project,and finally researched and developed "anti-touching alarm electric fence host",and improved the electric fence industry innovation once again.